Tenant Assurance Guarantee

2 min. readlast update: 12.29.2023

Enjoy Peace of Mind with PublicSquare’s Generous Tenant Assurance Guarantee

At PublicSquare, we understand that investing in a new property through PublicSquare comes with its uncertainties. That’s why we offer Investors a robust Tenant Assurance Guarantee, designed to provide you with maximum peace of mind.

What Does Our Guarantee Include?

If we haven't secured a tenant for your new investment property by the time it's ready for occupancy (including completion of all necessary contracts and a 3% upfront payment deposit paid by the tenant into a trust account), you have our assurance of the following compensation:

  • A nominal compensation of $22,000 (inclusive of GST, if applicable).
  • Rental coverage amounting to $1,760 (covering two weeks' rent, GST included) while you seek a traditional tenant.
  • A full year's worth of property management fees, totalling $2,750 (including GST).

That’s a total compensation of $26,510 from us to you, with no hidden conditions. You retain full ownership of your property and the freedom to rent it out as you deem fit with no further obligations to PubicSquare.

How Can We Promise This?

You might be wondering how we can confidently offer such a guarantee. The secret lies in the overwhelming demand for PublicSquare’s innovative Rent-to-Buy model:

  • Each month, we receive over 1,000 tenant applications through Google for our Rent-to-Buy properties.
  • At the time of writing, our extensive tenant database has grown to over 25,000 potential renters, complete with detailed information such as preferred suburbs and financial capabilities.
  • We deploy targeted email and SMS campaigns to this database.
  • To ensure we secure the best possible tenants, we also advertise on Australia’s leading property platform, realestate.com.au, ensuring maximum visibility.

Typically, each new investment property attracts between 100-200 property-specific inquiries and 30-50 full applications and we have never failed to place a tenant.

Note: This guarantee is applicable when purchasing new properties through PublicSquare. It does not apply to properties you already own. Terms and conditions apply. For a copy of the guarantee, please refer to the Expression of Interest Letter (EOI) when buying your property or contact our team.

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