Property Value Decrease

1 min. readlast update: 12.28.2023

The average property growth rate in Australia is 6.8% for houses and 5.9% for apartments per year; CoreLogic 1993-2018. 

In exchange for giving you control over when you can buy the property, PublicSquare or the participating owners require a minimum 5% appreciation per annum. 

If the market doesn't perform well, and you don't want to buy the home anymore, you have the option of requesting a sale of the property in the open market and potentially receiving reimbursements for the majority of your contributions. 

Alternatively, you can continue living in the property for up to seven full years, to see if the market recovers, and you can exercise your buy option at a time that is convenient to to you. 

Regardless of whether you're renting-to-own or obtaining a traditional mortgage, fluctuating property prices is a risk you should carefully consider. For a full estimate of how the numbers work, please visit our calculator.

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