Fee Structure

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PublicSquare Service Fee

PublicSquare charges property owners a single annual fee, calculated as 0.9% of the property's price, plus GST. 

This fee is designed to be overall more economical than the fees involved with traditional real estate investing. 

It is conveniently deducted from your monthly rental income, and covers a wide range of services as detailed below, including full property management and handling the resale of your property, whether to the tenants or a third party. 

For properties you did not purchase via PublicSquare, our services remain the same, however, activation costs and property management fees may be billed separately.

Substantial Discounts

We offer two ways to substantially reduce your annual fee:

  1. Multiple Properties Discount: For every additional property you buy or lease out through us, you'll benefit from a volume discount, reducing your overall fees.
  2. Advance Payment Discount: If you'd like to use some of your 3% upfront cashback earnings to pay our fees in advance, we provide a substantial discount.

These discounts can be used in conjunction with one another and reduce your overall fees by up to 30% per property.

Detailed Quote and Comparison

When you complete our Expression of Interest (EOI) form, we'll provide you with an itemized quote. This detailed breakdown will help you understand the fee structure clearly and compare it to traditional property buying costs. For further insights, our online calculator is available for your convenience.

Our Rent-to-Sell Model offers significant advantages over traditional real estate investment methods, and we are confident that the value provided far exceeds the cost of our fees.

Service Fee inclusions

Below is a non-exhaustive list of services provided by PublicSquare and encompassed within the scope of PublicSquare's annual service fee. This list is indicative only and should not be construed as a warranty or a binding commitment. The services described are subject to change based on evolving business needs and client requirements.

Marketing and Onboarding of Property Builders and Developers:

  • Strategic marketing initiatives targeting builders and developers to introduce them to the PublicSquare model.
  • Providing educational resources and detailed guidance to ensure a thorough understanding of the PublicSquare system.
  • Facilitating the onboarding process for new participants, ensuring seamless integration with the PublicSquare model.

Pre-vetting and Sourcing Property and Home Package Options:

  • Conducting comprehensive evaluations of property builders and their home packages to ensure compatibility with the PublicSquare model.
  • Actively sourcing suitable property packages in areas with high demand from potential tenants, leveraging market insights and demand forecasts.

Marketing and Onboarding of Property Buyers and Owners:

  • Implementing targeted marketing campaigns to attract property buyers and owners to the PublicSquare model.
  • Offering educational sessions and resources to inform prospective buyers and owners about the benefits and processes of the PublicSquare model.
  • Streamlining the onboarding process for new property buyers and owners to facilitate their entry into the PublicSquare ecosystem.

Tenant Acquisition and Onboarding:

  • Executing marketing strategies to attract tenants to PublicSquare properties, handling 30-100 applications per property along with numerous additional inquiries.
  • Providing comprehensive information to potential tenants about the PublicSquare model and its advantages.
  • Managing the tenant onboarding process, ensuring a smooth and informed entry for new tenants.

Tenant Application Assessment and Due Diligence:

  • Performing detailed assessments of tenant applications, including evaluations of financial serviceability, employment history, and credit checks.
  • Implementing a two-tier approval process (pre-approval and final application) streamlined through custom software, akin to mortgage application procedures.

Tenant and Property-Specific Inquiry Management:

  • Handling inquiries related to specific properties, including coordinating visits to display homes or existing properties.
  • Providing tailored responses and detailed information to address the specific needs and questions of potential tenants.

Tenant Selection and Recommendation:

  • Identifying and putting forward the most suitable tenants for property buyers' final approval.
  • Utilizing a thorough vetting process to ensure that recommended tenants align with the property buyers' preferences and requirements.

Securing Tenants and Managing Legal Documentation:

  • Facilitating the execution of legal agreements, including Terms of Service and Expressions of Interest, along with security deposit arrangements.
  • Overseeing the preparation and signing of legally binding documents like Agreements to Lease, Call Option Deeds, and related schedules to protect property buyers' interests.
  • Managing the process of tenants obtaining legal advice, liaising with their legal representatives, and addressing any queries.

Security Deposit and Trust Accounting Management:

  • Handling the transfer of security deposits, including upfront option fee transfers, ensuring compliance with strict trust accounting procedures.
  • Ensuring the accurate execution of financial transactions related to all tenant-property buyer agreements.

Property Manager Marketing, Education, and Onboarding:

  • Marketing to attract property managers to the PublicSquare model, emphasizing the benefits and requirements of participation.
  • Educating property managers on the specifics of the PublicSquare model and varying state legislations.
  • Facilitating property manager onboarding, ensuring their capability to provide seamless property management and trust accounting services in line with PublicSquare's standards.

Managing Agent Appointments and Liaisons:

  • Overseeing the official appointment of agents, including the representation of property buyers to PublicSquare and property buyers to Property Managers.
  • Maintaining effective communication and coordination between all parties involved to ensure clear understanding and compliance with the PublicSquare model.
  • Negotiating and ensuring payment to Property Managers, deducted via PublicSquare earned fees.

Financial and Legal Advisory Liaison:

  • Collaborating with financial planners, brokers, accountants, and lenders to assist clients with accounting, tax implications, and finance approvals.
  • Providing support and advice to facilitate informed decision-making and compliance with financial and legal requirements.

Assistance with Tenant Legal Matters:

  • Assisting tenants and their legal representatives with matters related to option fee stamping and understanding the variations in state legislation and procedures.
  • Providing guidance and support to ensure tenants are fully informed and compliant with legal requirements which includes the execution of a Tenant legal advice report provided by their lawyer.

Move-In Process and Key Handover Management:

  • Ensuring the smooth and proper execution of the move-in process for tenants, including key handover and any necessary orientation.

Ongoing Property Manager Supervision:

  • Monitoring the performance and activities of appointed property managers throughout the lease duration.
  • Ensuring accurate and efficient execution of all transaction elements, including rental statements and distributions.

Unlimited Support Provision:

  • Providing ongoing, unlimited support to property buyers, tenants, agents, lawyers, developers, and body corporates as required.
  • Addressing queries, providing information, and resolving issues promptly to maintain high service standards.
  • Reviewing rental and distribution statements and parsing information for tenants to remain informed about their growing deposit accruals.

Management of Discrepancies and Defaults:

  • Handling any discrepancies, defaults, or issues arising in accordance with the agreements, prioritizing the interests of all involved parties.
  • Providing management solutions and support in situations where things go awry, ensuring adherence to agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Management of Property Resale:

  • Overseeing the final resale of properties as the pre-appointed sales agent, with no additional fees.
  • Facilitating sales to tenants or independent third-party buyers, offering open market sale options without commission charges.
  • Facilitating our Future Mortgage guarantee for Tenants (i.e. PublicSquare offers support sourcing mortgages and commission-free open market selling of property if Tenants cannot obtain a mortgage. This helps ensure tenant participation in PublicSquare's model.








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