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To lock in your selected property, we require you to make an initial $1,000 refundable deposit.

This deposit demonstrates you are serious about purchasing a home and helps cover any costs associated with making the offer on the property.

Once your application is accepted by the participating owner, PublicSquare will assist you in entering a contract with them.

You will then be required to make another transfer. This time for 3% of the home price, minus the $1,000 you've already paid.

So as an example, if the property you've chosen is $600,000, your total Kickstarter contribution will be $18,000, and this amount will be added to your deposit which you can use in full later as a deduction on the final purchase-price.

If the don't proceed with entering an agreement with the property within 90 days, no further payments are required and your initial $1,000 will be fully refundable.

In summary, PublicSquare's 3% Kickstarter-contribution is a much easier and more manageable amount to save when compared to a home-loan-deposit which may also require LMI.

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Updated on: 26/11/2023

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